Black Mold Symptoms – What To Look For After Flooding

Water Damage MoldAfter water damage strikes, watch for Black Mold Symptoms.  The aftermath of a flooding incident can be the most dangerous because the growth of toxic black mold colonies can begin within 24 hours of flooding damage.  Especially dangerous is when a black mold infestation is hidden from view in walls, under floors or in ceilings and the growth continues without remediation.

So after you experience water damage, it is wise to watch for signs of mold exposure.  Black mold symptoms can range from mild to very severe – even deadly with prolonged mold exposure.  Black mold, also called toxic black mold or stachybotrys chartarum, is one of the most toxic mold types.  But just because it is called black mold does not mean that all black or dark molds are toxic.  Only a scientific mold inspection and mold testing by professionals can tell for sure.

However, if you see the well-known black mold discoloration anywhere in your home or business, it should be an alarm to seek professional assistance.  Do NOT try to deal with it yourself.  Stirring up mold organisms can release toxic mold spores into the air.

The biggest problem in many homes and businesses that have a black mold infestation is that the people who live or work there do not even know that there is a mold problem.  Pockets of moisture – from leaks, excess trapped humidity, or residue from flooding that was thought to be dried out, are hidden from sight.

So, by the time black mold symptoms begin to show up, the infestation may be well established and the problem much greater than you think.  Common symptoms of toxic black mold poisoning include:

Neurological:  black mold produces neurotoxins which can cause damage to brain function – memory loss, confusion, concentration issues or dizziness.

Respiratory:  burning feeling in nasal passages, difficulty breathing, sore throat, excessive coughing, spitting blood.

Circulatory:  low blood pressure, irregular heartbeat, hemorrhaging.

Vision:  eye inflammation, blurred vision.

Immune System:  persistent infections, chronic fatigue and drowsiness, fevers.

Skin:  itchy skin, rashes, blisters.

Water Damage Center Service AreasChildren, people with weak immune systems and the elderly are most vulnerable.  If any of these symptoms persist, don’t delay.  Call a professional to check it out. Too often it is the unseen dangers that linger after water damage cleanup that expose you and your family to a substantial health threat.  Don’t take chances. Call a professional that will assess your situation thoroughly and recommend the most efficient, and affordable, solution to ensure that the threat is averted before it can affect your family’s health.  Call now.

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