How Can I Prevent Basement Flooding Nightmares?


 Basement flooding is much more prevalent in the US than you might think.  According to national leader Chubb Insurance, $48.1 billion in flood insurance claims and related costs have been paid by the National Flood Insurance Program since 1978.  Flooding happens at an alarming rate, and the resulting water damage can be catastrophic for property owners.  In the last five years all fifty states have experienced some level of flooding.

Basement flooding is one of the most often-experienced consequences of excessive rain, quick snow melting, broken water pipes or streams, lakes or oceans reaching flood levels. Water seeks the lowest point in the property, so basements are always at risk for flooding.

Chubb recently published a list of 8 tips for property owners to prevent flooding in basements:

  1. Inspect gutters and downspouts once a year. They should extend at least six feet away from the foundation of the structure.
  2. If any side of your home is sloped, build a berm or install a drain on that side. And be sure to make any doors or windows watertight.
  3. If you have any cracks in the foundation wall, hire a contractor to make the repairs.
  4. Service sump pumps on an annual basis.
  5. Install a high water alarm on your sump pump.
  6. Buy a battery backup or generator to make certain that pumps needed during a power outage continue to run.
  7. Move valuable belongings up to a floor that you are confident will be above the high water mark of the flood.

Basements are at high risk of costly trouble not only because of the damage to basement walls, floors and electrical systems, but also because we store so much stuff in basements.  There is seldom time to move everything in a basement out of harm’s way, so basement flooding can be devastating.

Reorganizing your basement with the potential for flooding in mind can be a wise investment in time and financial peace of mind.  Waterproofing can be a good solution, if affordable, but the easiest, least-costly solution can be simply raising equipment, electrical lines and valuable belongings high enough to survive a flooded basement.

If you have substantial basement flooding, call The Water Damage Center PROS in your area to get an honest, fair, timely and affordable estimate of dealing with your flooding issue.  Time counts, so do not delay in making that call.  Click on this link to check and see if there is a Water Damage Center in your region.  If so, pick up the phone and call them as soon as flooding strikes so they can help you minimize the cost and interruption of your life that flooding can cause.

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